“The Church on the Street” in Tijuana

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On one of our latest visits with the local churches from the Mercy Network in Tijuana, Mexico, we left encouraged, challenged, and heartbroken by the testimonies they recounted and the people they are ministering to.

Maria is a single mom with three very young children, two girls, 7 and 8 years old, and a 4 year old boy. She lives in one of the poorest communities outside of Tijuana, Mexico. She was married but the continuous acts of domestic violence by her husband caused her to abandon the relationship. Now she lives alone with her children but is still in continuous fear of her husband’s harassment and violence.

Maria works the night shift from 5pm to 6am at an assembly plant in order to care for her children during the day. When she goes to work, her children stay by themselves until midnight when a relative comes to watch over them. Although she is thankful for having a job, her earnings do not provide enough to make ends meet.

A local church called “The Church on the Street” began an outreach program for the children in the community where Maria lives. As her children started to attend the program, servants from the church became acquainted with Maria, her children, and their situation. They started to visit her with weekly Food Paks from Children’s Hunger Fund.

When we had the opportunity to visit with Maria, she shared with us how the support of the church has been critical in the midst of her situation: “I thought there was no way to solve our situation. Thanks to the support of the church we have been able to do better.” Maria is very receptive to the gospel and is beginning to attend the church meetings regularly. The church is continuing the discipleship process with her and her children.

We were encouraged because we had the opportunity to see that all the efforts to reach people in need were fruitful. We were challenged by the sacrificial service of pastors and church volunteers who spend their own resources, time, and effort in the midst of their own limitations. And heartbroken for the extreme misery and poverty that is so close to us; the great reality of a third world country only a few miles away, just across the border.

Please join us in praying for the Tijuana Mercy Network and in particular, Maria and her children.


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  • NB Way

    Are there any organized trips that Children’s Hunger Fund does from the USA to any orphanages in Tijuana that volunteers can go for the purpose of donating toys and clothing to the children?

    • CHF_nrakochy

      Thanks for the note. At this point our primary focus is to resource the local church which has a long-term commitment and presence in Tijuana. To my knowledge, I do not think we have any volunteer opportunities for on-site toy and clothing donations.